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TRANSFERENCE a new print project for CAM

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Opens 6pm Friday 30th June.

Exhibition runs: 29 June – 3 September 2023 at the Castlemaine Art Museum.

Transference results from the touch of two surfaces that each leave their respective traces.

Castlemaine-based artists, Justin Andrews, Michael Graeve, Melinda Harper and Clayton Tremlett, create new works that experiment with varying methodologies of transference.

Each artist explores the process of transferring colour, shape, gesture and texture – allowing for improvisation, chance and complexities in surface and pattern.

An update on IMMORTALS

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Today, Tomorrow and Sunday are the last days to see IMMORTALS at the Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Maryborough. With the addition of the final 11 images, the exhibition will travel to the Shrine of Remembrance and be exhibited as a complete study, in October 2024. The show has received excellent responses, including an article published in IMPRINT, the quarterly magazine produced by the Print Council of Australia.

The Unissued Stamps of Australian History.

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Never seen the limited edition Unissued Stamps of Australian History? You have a rare opportunity this Sunday the 28th of May (11am and 3pm) as part of the NGV Artists Book Fair, hosted by the Castlemaine Art Museum.

Meet the artist and see the other 13 stamps that make up this beautiful leather bound stamp album.

IMMORTALS: hear the artist talk

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Listen to the Artist discuss the history and development of IMMORTALS. Talks are scheduled for Sunday, 8th of May, 10th June and 11th of July. They begin at 11.30 am in the exhibition at the Soldiers Memorial Institiute and Military Museum, Pall Mall, Bendigo.

Paste Up Collaboration

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Currently on show in Frederick Street Castlemaine is a collaboration with Photographer Tobias Titz. The large scale photographic paste up is part of a project developed by the MAP group for the Castlemaine State Festival. Tobias makes a portrait, then invites you to make a drawing on the plastic discard from the plate. Check out his website:

New Work at SAM

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Currently on show at the Shepparton Art Museum is the first of a new series with the working title: Imagined Albums. Songs from Dispossession Island is the title of the work pictured…. it is a multi colour screen print produced as a package to look like a vinyl record. Exhibition runs till 7th April.

Update on Beard and Influence

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I am pleased to announce Study for Self Portrait as the corpse of Mad Dog Morgan (above) has recently been acquired for the Wangaratta Art Gallery collection. This infamous Bushranger has links to Wangaratta, as do I, as it was my hometown for most of my adolescence and where my interest in bushrangers began. Beard and Influence the exhibition, was a great success, with lots of fun had by all who participated in the Beard Bonanza.

In Contrast

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Last days of the In Contrast exhibition at Port Jackson Press. The Gallery is located at 84 Smith Street Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.

Show runs until 25th October.

Romancing the Skull

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Snap taken at the launch of the Romancing the Skull exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. This landmark exhibition runs til January 28th 2018. I highly recommend seeing the show not only because i have a work in it (pictured) but mostly because of the diversity of skull related imagery from a number of highly respected artists both national and international.

Look for my laser resist etching in the soon to be released Romancing the Skull Catalogue.